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Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

Full-Service Property Management

Simple Pricing Structure with No Hidden Fees

At Real Property Management Success, we pride ourselves on simple, transparent, honest pricing. You’ll never find any hidden fees or surprises. The bottom line, we don’t get paid until you do.

Our property management strategy is surely dependable to save you money at separate times of the process. We make it uncomplicated to protect your investment, minimize costs, and maximize your income—without obstructing your daily life so much.

If you have one or more rental properties, you could benefit from our expert residential property management services. For more information, contact us online or call us directly at (774) 840-5140.


9.9%of monthly rent

Leasing Fee: 75% of first month’s rent

  • Rent Collection
  • Maintenance Coordination
  • Online Access
  • 24/7 Emergency Response
  • Bill Pay and Book Keeping
  • Tenant Conflict Resolution
  • Legal Compliance
  • 6 Month Tenant Replacement Guarantee
  • Move-in/out Inspection Videos
  • Year-End Income/Expense Documents
  • One Condition Evaluation per Year


11.9%of monthly rent

Leasing Fee: 75% of first month’s rent

  • Rent Collection
  • Maintenance Coordination
  • Online Access
  • 24/7 Emergency Response
  • Bill Pay and Book Keeping
  • Tenant Conflict Resolution
  • Legal Compliance
  • Move-in/out Inspection Videos
  • Year-End Income/Expense Documents
  • One Condition Evaluation
    per Year with Photos
  • 12 Month Tenant Replacement Guarantee
  • Advanced Reporting
    (Rent Roll, Cash Flow, Balance Sheets)

Tenant Placement or Leasing Fee

This is the fee typically charged for finding tenants, screening potential tenants, and creating the lease. The standard fee for this service (collected by property management companies, full-service real estate companies, and independent real estate agents or realtors) is equal to the amount of one full month’s rent.

The tenant placement process begins by completing a detailed analysis of your property which we use to determine the maximum market rental rate for your home. We will then assist with any make-ready maintenance work (if necessary), take professional photographs, advertise your property, take calls and answer tenant inquiries, show your property to interested prospects, qualify applicants, draft the lease, set tenant expectations, and complete move-in documentation.

The Real Property Management Success tenant placement fee is 100% of the first month’s rent, charged one time immediately after a tenant moves in.

If your home is already occupied by tenants not placed through RPM Success, you find your own tenant, or you hire your own outside agent to place a tenant and you want us to take over with a lease already in place, there is no tenant placement fee charged.


100%of first month's rent

  • Basic Advertising
  • Credit/Criminal Tenant Screening
  • Lease Preparation
  • Bi-Weekly Tenant Showing Report

Additional Services

To minimize your risks and give you peace of mind, we also offer the following guarantees.

60 Day Risk Free Guarantee

We stand behind our commitment to relieving your hassles. If, for any reason, we do not find a qualified tenant after 60 days, you can terminate your agreement. No questions asked. Just let us know in writing that you wish to terminate our services. No hassle, argument, questions, or hard feelings.  (Included with Advanced and Premium Plans)

Tenant Replacement Guarantee

We don’t want you to experience the stress of having a tenant walk away—leaving you with an empty property, no rent to pay the mortgage, and the expense of finding a new tenant. So if we place a tenant with you and that tenant vacates your property in less than six months, we will find you a new qualified tenant for free.  (1 Year with Premium Plan and 180 Days with Advanced Plan)

Risk Free Eviction Guarantee

We understand the challenges that come with evicting a tenant. With the Risk Free Eviction Guarantee, you pay a small monthly fee and we pay all the legal fees involved in an unlawful detainer suit. Because so many people participate in our program, the cost of a painful eviction is spread out over many property owners—affordably minimizing the risk for everyone involved. 

Maintenance Evaluations

We stand behind our commitment to relieving your hassles and make sure your property is maintained properly. That’s why we perform periodic maintenance inspections. We inspect the property both inside and out to ensure tenant compliance and assess property condition.

Improve your Return on Investment

While Spending Less Time and Lowering Your Risk

It seems impossible to pay a property manager AND expect a better return on your rental property investment, right? On the contrary, hiring the right property management firm can actually put more money in your pocket than if you did the work yourself, not to mention saving you the time of doing it yourself. Here’s how:

5 Key Ways Real Property Management can boost returns over self-management


Ben Franklin is credited with saying, “In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes”…and maintenance. Real Property Management increases your bottom line by taking care of maintenance in a timely, cost effective manner. Many self managers struggle to do the maintenance on their own, though many try. Often, they have good intentions, but the fact is a tenant can go for days and sometimes weeks with a broken refrigerator, no hot water, or no way to cook their food. In cases like this, the tenant will look for the first opportunity to move, creating vacancy cost, turn over cost, and leasing costs. While it doesn’t feel good to the property owner at the time, timely maintenance is key to tenant satisfaction. Low tenant satisfaction can have a strong negative impact on your return on investment. As a national company with strong buying power, we pay less for materials and services than a self manager pays. Hiring Real Property Management pays for itself.


Most self managers only have to place a couple tenants per year–maybe even less. Therefore, self managers often do not have the access or don’t know where to find credit reports, criminal records, sex offender data and the like. If they are able to find the data, self managers may not know what to do with it. How bad is bad credit? Should they accept someone with a bankruptcy, drug charge, or a felony? How much money should the tenant make in relation to the rent? Because Real Property Management places 1000′s of qualified tenants a year, and declines many more, we know from experience and best practice who makes the best tenants. Who is the most likely to pay rent, and who will take the best care of the property. Think of it is way…if a self manager misses one rent payment, they could have hired Real Property Management for a year. If a self manager places a poor tenant, the damages could easily pay to hire Real Property Management for several years.


Even though we find the best tenants, they can still lose their job, get a divorce, or get in an accident. These are difficult situations, but allowing the tenant to remain without paying rent is not the solution. The sooner we can help the tenants connect with community aid and find other accommodations that they can afford, the sooner we can find a new tenant who is again qualified to rent the property. Timing is critical in rentals. We have a streamlined process that makes sure all laws and codes are followed to avoid any legal pitfalls. Let’s face it. Evictions and collections do happen. A poorly handled eviction can cost you years of profitability. Real Property Management brings an incredible amount of value to the table with almost 30 years of experience currently managing over 5 billion dollars in real estate assets.


There are no guarantees in rental property management–until now. We are so confident in our ability to put more money in your pocket, we will put our money where our mouth is. For example, if we don’t place a qualified tenant in 29 days, you don’t pay*, if a tenant walks away from the lease in the first six months, we will find you a new tenant free of charge*, and if we have to do an eviction, we pay for the legal fees*. If you never have to use these guarantees you make money because bad things didn’t happen to your property. If bad things do happen and you have to use them, you still make money. That is a win-win.


Property management is our full time focus. We have a vast network to connect prospective tenants with the right property. In addition, our advertising campaigns reach tenants all over the country and even the world. Time is money in rentals. Because of our ability to find and place qualified tenants quicker than most people who self-manage, we can increase your bottom line.